Detection & Identification Specialist Training

Bonnes nouvelles!

Radtronics is heading to France next week for specialist seminars to:

- Exchange ideas with international experts
- Learn about the latest innovations from Mirion Technologies
- Experience the latest instruments through full-scale exercises

It is events like this that ensure Radtronics is ready and well-equipped to provide the latest in radiological detection and identification to Australian and New Zealand clients.

Bon voyage, team!

Radtronics exhibiting at ARPS 2016 Conference

We'd like to thank the organisers, speakers, sponsors, other exhibitors and especially the delegates for a helping make the conference interesting, exciting and enjoyable!

Radtronic's Phil Allanson presented alongside Ata Bhatti from Safe Radiation concerning experiments mimicking short-lived medical radioactive sources using long-lived isotopes and filters for the purpose of calibrating contamination probes. It was well received by the audience.

We look forward to the next conference!