Remotely Measure Radiation at Fixed Locations

Radiation area monitors are used to continuously measure radiation levels at fixed locations, as well as along the boundaries of facilities. These detectors are capable of transmitting their data wirelessly back to a centralized administration and monitoring system using WRM2 Wireless Telemetry. Area and perimeter monitoring systems can be powered by wired, solar or battery sources, and are designed to operate autonomously over long periods of time.




This Area Monitor was designed as an ALARA Tool for long term use in Locked High Radiation Areas, to reduce entries and thus save time and dose. The concept for this product came from a need by a utility to monitor dose rates in steam affect Locked High Rad areas for a full 2 year fuel cycle utilizing battery power.

The new SD version of the RDS-31 is expected to be able to transmit data twice a minute for a period of two years in dose rate of up to 0.01Sv/hr on battery power provided (without alarms).


We need real-time radiation monitoring with a central control computer

Rotem’s MediSmarts Area and Stack Monitoring System is a Comprehensive Radiation Monitoring System for Cyclotron facilities, Accelerators and Proton Emission Tomography Centers. With hundreds of installed systems worldwide, This is the most respected and used radiation monitoring system available today.

The MediSmarts System is a modular system consisting of a number of Monitoring Channels strategically placed in the hot areas of the lab, and together with our (Exhaust) Stack Monitoring system, provides live radiation levels to a Central Computer which Display the live data on a map providing the user with a clear view of the radiological conditions.