SPIR-IDENT PEDESTRIAN GN Spectroscopic Portal Monito


SPIR-IDENT PEDESTRIAN GN Spectroscopic Portal Monito


The SPIR-IDENT PEDESTRIAN GN is a combined gamma and neutron spectrometric portal. It ist he most advanced detector of the SPIRfamily and a new concept for site and critical infrastructure protection against radiological threats, such as intrusion of special nuclear materials (SNM) or radiological dispersion devices (RDD).The SPIR-IDENT PEDESTRIAN GN is able to solve the major limitation of current systems by automatically sorting innocent alarms from actual alarms in real-time, without compromising the detection performances of actual SNM, RDD or unexpected radioactive sources.The SPIR-IDENT PEDESTRIAN GN is intended for dynamic detection and identification mode. It applies for pedestrian, luggage, small items or parcels monitoring. It can be configured for use with or without an occupancy detector or ancillary cameras.


• Gamma and neutron detectors
• Dynamic pass through mode
• Effective real-time Medical and NORM rejection
• Single, double-sided and multiple pillars for passageways
• Masked and shielded SNM and RDD identification
• Automated operation with full camera support
• “Easy” display and advanced modes
• Automated log with spectrum and image capture

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