Advanced Detection and Isotope Identification

These advanced devices provide the ultimate in radiation detection and identification. Handheld, mobile, pedestrian and vehicle systems powered by sophisticated algorithms and advanced detectors ensure lightning fast response times and accuracy.



i NEED A Radio-Isotope Identifier (RIID)

The SPIR-Ace is a versatile Radio-Isotope Identifier (RIID), utilizing SPIR technology in a compact, user-friendly package. Useful for a variety of applications that require efficient detection and identification of radiological threats. These include security applications, such as civil defense, border & customs. The SPIR-Ace is also useful for obtaining accurate assessments of nuclear materials for government health, military first responders, safeguarding labs, and more.

The optional GMP-25 probe further allows detection of alpha and beta radiation.

Optional Software Options: SPIR-Ace Companion software to allow replay analysis of mission data, SpirView Supervision software for connection with any of the SPIR-Ident family.


I want Advanced Handheld Detection and Identification for tough environments

The SpiR-ID is an advanced handheld identifier designed to efficiently search for radioactive and nuclear materials, using “on the fly” threat discrimination.  The SpiR-ID quickly and reliably identifies and categorizes radionuclides for demanding scenarios including heavily shielded or masked threats. Thanks to a large volume detector powered by the Identpro/SIA algorithm the SpiR-ID can provide instantaneous identification of multiple sources. 
The SpiR-ID is a military ruggedized version suited for field use in harsh environments, and the SpiR-ID LT is a lighter version.


we need to be highly mobile in a car, truck or helicopter

The SPIR-Ident Mobile Platform utilizes large advanced gamma spectroscopic detectors, various neutron detection modules and sophisticated algorithms to deliver fast and reliable detection and real-time nuclide identification capabilities for military, homeland security, law enforcement, and environmental applications. The SPIR-Ident Mobile Platform is a modular and scalable system that can be configured for easy deployment in vehicles, compact transportable modules, or in low profile (stealth) configurations.

The SPIR-Ident Mobile system can be powered by a single USB connection from a Laptop computer. The SPIR View software provides mapping, data reach back and mission replay capabilities.



The SPIR-Explorer Sensor allows detection, measurement and identification of radiological sources over a very large range. It is intended to be mounted on demanding carrier, such as UAVs or robots.

It may also be used within fixed or deployable systems. Typical uses are searching for any unexpected radiological sources checking for radiological risk in case of accident, and mapping of contaminated areas.

Operation is fully automated and results are shown and memorized at an associated radiological base station. The SPIR-Explorer Sensor is using proven technology from the "SPIR-Ident" and SpiR-ID product family in a much smaller and lighter form factor.

SPIR-IDENT-1 (1).png


The SPIR-Ident Vehicle and Pedestrain is a gamma and neutron spectrometric portal. It is intended for dynamic detection and identification mode for protecting sites and critical infrastructure from the intrusion of special nuclear materials (SNM) or radiological dispersion devices (RDD) by controlling pedestrian, luggages, small items, parcels and vehicles. It can be configured for use with occupancy detector or ancillary cameras to provide a complete protection solution.