TOM Tool & Object Monitor


TOM Tool & Object Monitor



The tool & object monitor TOM is designed to check for radioactive contamination of small items as tools, bags or technical devices after use in controlled areas. The 80 litre measurement chamber is loaded through a front door. Goods are removed through the exit door, while an interlock system prevents removal of contaminated goods. TOM is equipped with the robust and highly sensitive Mirion fibre detectors. Many optional accessories allow to customize the monitor according to local requirements.


• 80 litres measurement chamber
• Up to 6 Mirion GammaFibre™ detectors with particularly high sensitivity • Templates for varying measurement tasks can be easily applied by drag & drop
• Robust design - high throughput
• Operates in single and two door mode with interlock functionality • Uninterruptible power supply
• Network connection & CeMoSys™ interface
• 10.4´´ touchscreen (second screen optional)
• Optional scales for automatic selection of measurement parameters

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