SPIR-IDENT VEHICLE GN Spectroscopic Portal Monito


SPIR-IDENT VEHICLE GN Spectroscopic Portal Monito



The SPIR-Ident Vehicle GN is a combined gamma and neutron spectrometric portal monitor. It is the most advanced detector of the SPIR family and a new concept for site and critical infrastructure protection against radiological threats, such as intrusion of special nuclear materials (SNM) or radiological dispersion Devices (RDD).
The SPIR-Ident Vehicle GN is able to solve the major limitation of current systems by automatically sorting innocent alarms from actual alarms in real-time, without compromising the detection performances of actual SNM, RDD or unexpected radioactive sources.
The SPIR-Ident Vehicle GN Portal is intended for secondary screening as a complement to plastic scintillation-based detection portals. The SPIR-Ident Vehicle GN provides a cost and performance effective solution and an alternative to dynamic Advanced Spectroscopic Portals (ASP’s) for vehicle and containers


Identification of gamma sources and Special Nuclear Materials in vehicles and containers.
• Cost effective secondary screening solution
• Automated log with spectrum and imagecapture
• Large Volume NaI Gamma and Neutrondetectors
• Flexible configurations: single or double sided, single or double height
• Masked and shielded SNM and RDDidentification
• NORM and in vivo medical source rejection
• Simplified operation with full camera support
• «Easy» display mode and advanced mode

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