SPIR-Detect (Pedestrian monitor using HDS-101GN)

Spir Detect.PNG
Spir Detect.PNG

SPIR-Detect (Pedestrian monitor using HDS-101GN)


SPIR-Detect is a new concept for site or critical infrastructure protection against a radiological threat, like an intrusion of special nuclear
materials(SNM) or radiological dispersion devices (RDD).
Based on a network of sensitive gamma/neutron detectors, that
can be mobile, permanently or temporarily installed, the system
features a discrete and centralised survey of access points, inside
buildings or outside.

SPIR-Detect is the perfect solution for people or luggage
checking in airports, railway stations and in sensitive
places during special events (e.g.sports or cultural). 

  • Pedestrian monitor using  HDS-101GN
  • Triple use: source detection, search and isotope discrimination
  • Discrete
  • Easy to deploy and battery powered
  • Network configurable
  • Fixed or mobile (battery) installation
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