RTM860TS Whole Body Contamination Monitor


RTM860TS Whole Body Contamination Monitor



The RTM860TS whole body contamination monitor in its 5th generation checks personnel’s front and back for radioactive alpha, beta and gamma (optional) contamination. It features the industry’s largest detection area of 2 x 17 500 cm² in total, plus having on average a very low minimum detectable activity.
The combination of the unique patented split delta geometry - for a uniform detection sensitivity - and the TwoStep™ process - for measurement of front and back of a person - paired with reliable measurement electronics and software, are the foundation for the success of the RTM860TS. The RTM860TS is a very well-proven monitor and today’s industry standard in many parts of theworld.

• Many detector configurations possible for alpha, beta, gamma radiation detection
• High throughput
• Quick gas-flushing system
• Low maintenance costs
• Central monitoring possible / ability to network
• Uninterruptible power supply
• Alpha, beta discrimination (optional)
• Small item measurement box with detection capability (optional)
• Automatic background compensation of user-dependent background shielding, based on automatic weight and height mea-surement (optional)
• Personalized results, when using card reader or dosimeter (optional)

There are two major reasons for the long-lasting success of the RTM860TS: a. TwoStep™ process: measuring person’s front and back in two steps, making detection a lot more thorough, while b. the patended split delta geometry makes sure the detec-tion sensitivity is well-homogeneous. Being prompted by voice, light, and display the person be-ing measured is led through the measurement very quickly and effortless; even quicker when using P² measurement reduction tool, which reduces the measurement time by up to 30 %. To make the measurement even more efficient, and adapt-ing specific/local requirements, the monitor can be equipped with additional gamma detectors, and α- and β-radiation can be discriminated (both are features out of many optional ones).

• Voice guidance in many languages available
• Stainless steel housing, designed for easy decontamination
• Automatic correction of background reduction
• Automatic adjustment of measurement time
• Display of values
• Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), buffering voltage fluctuations/drops
• System check software, monitoring and managing detector efficiencies

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