Rotem RAM R-200 Survey Meter (probe optional)


Rotem RAM R-200 Survey Meter (probe optional)


The RAM R-200 is a portable multifunctional, rugged survey meter designed for measuring wide range gamma radiation fields and contamination. The sturdy casing and internal electronics are designed to withstand shocks and vibrations and perform reliably in extreme environments. An internal detector containing two energy compensated GM tubes together with optional external probes will detect, measure, and digitally display both dose and dose rate levels of gamma radiation from 0.1µSv/h to 100 Sv/h (10µR/h – 10,000 R/h), and alpha/beta contamination from 0 to 1 Mcpm.

The RAM R-200 can be used with a three-segment sturdy telescopic rod for the external gamma probe. The RAM R-200 meter and its external detectors include embedded microprocessors, data memory, and communication functions. An audible indication is activated either by frequency fluctuations in accordance with the field strength or chirp for each measured pulse. The RAM R-200’s auto-ranging meter utilizes a combination display consisting of a smoothed digital display for minimum fluctuations, and a two-decade logarithmic analog bar graph for fast response.


General-purpose rugged survey capabilities.
Readings of hard-to-reach areas (i.e. vehicle surveys, elevated piping, etc.).
α,β,γ Surface contamination detection.
Portable or stand-alone radiation measurement station.


Wide range internal gamma detector.
Ruggedized, portable, compact, lightweight instrument.
Simple operation: only four push buttons.
Built-in RS-232 communication - three channels.
Special setup modes accessed via our configuration software.
Large, easy to read, digital and analog customized LCD.
Display backlight offers bright illumination for use in dark areas.
Easy connection of optional external probes.
Reliable telescopic rod containing a quick connection housing for meter and external gamma probes.
Audible alarm.
Automatic self-test of meter and external probes.
Automatic detector identification with each change of detector.
Automatic recording of dose accumulation by the internal detector also when the meter measurement is done by an external probe.
Low current consumption, more than 100 hours of continuous operation with a single 9V battery.
Passed sub-pressures, dust, shock, vibration, drop and immersion tests.
Meets MIL-STD 810. Electromagnetic compatibility tests meet MIL-STD 461.
CE marked.

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