Rotem RAM GENE-1 Mark II Dual Use Contamination & Dose Rate Meter


Rotem RAM GENE-1 Mark II Dual Use Contamination & Dose Rate Meter


The RAM GENE-1, features a ruggedized casing and contains a specially designed energy filter embedded in the cap for dose rate radiation monitoring H*(10), with the additional flexibility of a contamination meter. It's based om a GM pancake detector using a thin mica window protected by a stainless steel screen. The transition between dose rate and contamination is achieved by simply removing or placing the plastic cap.


• Large, four digit, continuous ranging, LCD display

• Simple, three key operation

• Large 1.75" pancake GM detector

• Suitable for alpha, beta or gamma contamination detection

• Unit readouts of count rate (CPS in contamination mode and (µSv/hr) in dose mode.

• Audible and visual (LED) count rate indication

• Smart software provides fast, yet stable response

• Dead time correction

• Alarms for overflow, low battery and detector failure

• Automatic self diagnostic routines

• Durable case with splash resistant keypad

Technical Data

Detectors: 1.75” Pancake GM tube. End window 1.5 - 2.0 mg/cm2 protected by stainless steel mesh
Units: cps, cpm and µSv/h
Range: 0.05 µSv/h to 7 mSv/h
           0-42 000 cps
Energy range: Measure alpha >2 MeV, beta > 100 keV, gamma and x-rays from 5 keV to 1,3 MeV.
Temperatures: Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Protection class: not available
Response time/Sensitivity: 5.8 cps/µSv/h
Weight and dimension: 110 x 67 x 74 mm. Weight 560 g
Battery life: 9V battery. Typically > 50 h
Nuclide library: No

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