HDS-101 Handheld Isotope Identifier


HDS-101 Handheld Isotope Identifier


The HDS series are handheld instruments designed to search for, detect and identify radioactive isotopes. It effectively identifies and categorizes radioactive and nuclear materials as naturally occurring, medical, industrial and special nuclear materials. 

The HDS-101 G/GN is ideally suited for first responders, customs inspectors, border patrol agents, CBRNE security personnel in critical infrastructures and all applications related to the control of radioactive and nuclear materials.


  • Separate Gamma & neutron channels
  • Wide gamma measurement range with very high sensitivity and fast response
  • Real time rejection of sudden background variation (VBS algorithm)
  • Automated spectra acquisition on alert and automatic identification with up to 4 displayed radionuclide
  • Clear discrimination of risk categories
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Bluetooth and USB communication reachback
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