GEM-5 Gamma Exit Monitor


GEM-5 Gamma Exit Monitor


CANBERRA's highly sensitive GEM-5 gamma exit monitor provides power plants and nuclear facilities the very latest gamma detection capability to monitor pedestrians leaving areas of potential radioactive contamination. Operation of the monitor is straightforward and reliability is assured with both audible and visual aids to support monitoring activities. The easy to see color LCD screen provides visual cues and readily displays contaminated areas. Additionally, users are guided through the monitor with a voice annunciator, which provides clear voice prompts necessary for dependable unassisted operation during normal conditions. With CANBERRA WebRemote™ software, easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface for industrial PC-based operation results in improved health physics programs, better tracking of contamination and faster, more thorough personnel throughput at boundary points.

Access to the installed computer is through a single convenient panel on the front of the monitor. The computer includes built in USB and LAN ports, and is located inside a lockable door.

The GEM-5 is rugged, reliable and extremely easy to use.


Rugged and reliable for high traffic areas"Best in Industry" sensitivity
Eight identical large plastic scintillators
Three per sideOne top/bottom25 mm (1 in.) side detector lead shielding standard
Lead is provided as epoxy coated ingots for easy field installation and improved safetyOptional 25 mm (1 in.) of additional lead available for side panels (can be added integral to the unit, no exterior attachments needed) for higher background conditions. Optional top and bottom detector lead kits in 25 mm (1 in.) increments are available for a total of 50 mm (2 in.) of added lead

WebRemote enabled: provides an ergonomic and easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface; accessible locally or via PC /tablet web browser

Windows® 7 Embedded operating system with LAN capability and USB ports

Same "industry-best" software and serial bus electronics as CANBERRA's Argos™-3/5, Sirius™-5 and Cronos®-1/4/11 monitor families no re-training needed

Sophisticated "fast following" background trending and release-limit algorithm provides the best possible performance in any type of radiation field

Fully compliant with IEC61098 Standard requirements

Algorithm based on Gaussian or Bayesian statistics (compliant with the ISO 11929:2010 Standard requirements)


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