FloorSweep-Fibre™ II - Floor Contamination Monitor


FloorSweep-Fibre™ II - Floor Contamination Monitor



The FloorSweep-Fibre™ II is designed for large area floor monitoring of beta contamination inside and outside buildings. The monitor is based on 4 Mirion BetaFibre™ detectors with a total detection area of 1940 cm². If required, the FloorSweep-Fibre™ can optionally be provided with alpha/beta discrimination. The detectors are located in the flat front part, thus be-ing easily able to access all areas to be measured. The easy-to-manoeuver buggy is equipped with 4 rugged and smooth-running wheels, well suitable for outdoor usage.


• High sensitivity (Co-60, 40 Bq)
• Beta detection
• Alpha/beta discrimination optional
• Plug-and-play operation
• Low costs in maintenance and operation thanks to fibre technology
• Dynamic background measurement and subtraction

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