DosiFFR - Dosimeter Management For First Responders

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DosiFFR - Dosimeter Management For First Responders


DosiFFR is a perfect solution for first responder,hazmat team, medical or industrial users looking for a user-friendly approach to configure and deploy dosimeters based on specific mission requirements.
DosiFFR is a streamlined dosimetry management software designed to meet the needs of medium size organization or deployable systems.It offers dosimeter configuration, fast dosimeter issue,and return, as well as reporting and data centralization.


• Fast dosimeters preparation for instantaneous field activation without any reader via a single dosimeter button press
• Dosimeter profile application for pre-configuration of dosimeters, data extraction and report generation
• Data transfer between several DosiFFR installations
• Dosimetry data  transfer centralization to DosiServ to support multiple locations (option)  
• Ergonomic and easy-to-use interface with touch screen support for mobile deployment

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