CPO-Smart Small Objects Monitor


CPO-Smart Small Objects Monitor



The CPO-Smart is intended for checking and indicating non-contamination of small objects in controlled areas of Nuclear Power Plants.

The CPO-Smart is using the proven technology of existing Small Objects Monitor of Mirion Technologies with additional and innovating capabilities.
Using a spectrometric approach, the CPO-Smart exceeds the basic contamination measurement by indicating the level and type of contamination. The CPO-Smart reduced measurement time optimizes the flow of workers. It also provides a unique capability of quick adaptation to background variations.

The CPO-Smart features an intuitive graphical user interface and a compact touch screen for easy display of additional data, based on level ofaccess.

• Reliability: proven plastic scintillator technology  
• Ergonomics: user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface
• Performance: measurement time automatically shortened thanks to internal algorithm
• Reactivity: unique adaptation capability to background variations
• Intelligent: categorisation of contamination, NORM discrimination, and corrected activity count
• Safety: designed for secure installation and transportation, modular shielding can be installed on-site.
• Camera:  Visual verification of objects in the monitors (to ensure background is never counted with material in the chamber).  The camera can also provide a pictorial record if needed (e.g. if an item alarms the monitor).

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